• Young Adult

    Loving a Kingpin

    Justin, Jermaine, Tyrell, and Gabriel are street hustlers that have definitely met their match with the women they’ve chosen to fall in love with. Stacy, Chantel, KayKay, and Melanie are high school friends involved with men that bring a lot of love and heartache into their world. Justin is in a love triangle with Stacy and Chantel, but only one woman truly has his back.All Jermaine wants is to be in a loving relationship with one woman, but the woman he loves may not be on the same page.When Melanie’s friends find out about her secret relationship, will they be truly happy for her, or will they be upset that she kept them in the dark? Karen, Stacy’s mother, desperately wants to know who murdered her husband, will she be able to handle the truth? Find out who’s out for revenge, who gets cheated on, and who survives. Read more