• Historical Fiction

    The Saharan Queen: A prequel novella to The Visigoths of Spain series

    Saharan Africa, AD 670: As the daughter of a chief, Dahiya knows what it takes to lead an army against the Arabic invaders.  Her ambition threatens her rivals, who believe a woman’s place is in bed rather than on a battlefield.  War is coming.  Dahiya has neither men nor arms.  Her people are divided, and her nearest ally is a thousand miles across the sands. Her only choice is to fight beside Apsimar, the charismatic leader of the Greek fleet. Dahiya sees an equal.  Apsimar sees the woman behind the sword. Love is about to become a battlefield. What readers are saying: The Saharan Queen lives up to its epic promise…packs a big punch for a novella. I read until 3am, then got up and read until I finished it.  The writing is next level. Dahiya is a bad ass! This kept me hooked from start to finish. The Saharan Queen took me into a place and time I knew nothing about…I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Paula Constant is the author of Slow Journey South, and Sahara, both works of travel memoir documenting her 2004-2007 expedition through Europe and the Sahara, during which she walked over 12000km.  More than 7000km of those were through the desert with her own camels.  She moved to Granada, Spain, where she lived for several years researching The Visigoths of Spain series to which The Saharan Queen is the prequel.   Read more