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    The Cat Behind the Curtain: a Cozy Cat Crime Caper

    A murder plot……and the cat who must stop it. Jamie’s girlfriend wants him dead. Scottie needs to save his human’s life. But how? He’s just a cat. The intended victim goes about his daily life not knowing his girlfriend and her secret lover are plotting against him. Scottie knows, but the soon-to-be murdered man doesn’t understand the feline’s attempts to save his life. Jamie is an easy mark and his death is imminent. His girlfriend will not give up until he’s six feet under…with his cats. Will Scottie rescue his human or perish along side him? Will he get the help he needs to stop the villains? Can one cat stop a murder? You’ll love this suspense book because everyone loves a thrilling page-turner with some laughs. Get yours now. Read more
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    How Do Cats Do That?: Discover How Cats Do the Amazing Things They Do

    Ever wonder how cats do the fascinating things they do? Do you ask yourself or a friend what’s a cat’s secret in doing that? Now, you can know the answers. In this book, Peter Scottsdale gives you solutions to the cat questions you want answered. Amaze your friends with your feline knowledge. You Will Discover 34 Cat Secrets Like: How Do Cats Purr?How Do Cats Mate?How Do Cats Drink Water?How Do Cats Hunt?How Do Cats Communicate?How Do Cats Show Love?How Do Cats Jump So High?How Do Cats’ Tails Work?How Do Cats Use Their Whiskers?How Do Cats’ Nails Get Sharp?How Do Cats Wash Themselves?How Do Cats See?How Do Cats Eyes Work?How Do Cats See In The Dark?How Do Cats Identify Their Owners?How Do Cats View Their Owners?How Do Cats Play?How Do Cats Adapt?How Do Cats Fight?How Do Cats Protect Themselves?How Do Cats Pee?How Do Cats Spray?How Do Cats Give Birth?How Do Cats Age?How Do Cats Keep Warm?How Do Cats Cool Down?How Do Cats Sleep?How Do Cats Eat?How Do Cats React To Catnip?How Do Cats Land On Their Feet?How Do Cats Find Their Way Home?How Do Cats Show Pain?How Do Cats Get Worms?How Do Cats Get Ringworm?How Do Cats Get Fleas & Ticks?How Do Cats Get Ear Mites?…And Much More. Click the Buy Now button and download the answers you need now. You’ll Love This. Read more
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    365 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

    Do you want to know more about your cat? If yes is the answer… …then you need the facts presented in this book. But what can you discover here? With the material presented here, you will find your questions answered in quick bites of cat info. With a little pussyfooting, you too can find out what it means to be a cat – or as close as a human can get. So the question remains, do you want to know more? If so, read ahead. In this book, you will explore: The world’s oldest cat and other stunning records.Weird and wonderful feline myths and superstitions.Strange kitty behavior.Why cats groom so much – many reasons here.How some felines can fall from great heights and survive.Can cats really see in total darkness?The first domesticated cats.Kitty love and cats mating.Do cats have a sixth sense? If so, what is it?What kitties are made of – it’s more than you think.How cats affect us – lots of positives here.Fighting felines and how it all goes down.And much more! Take a look inside.Then click the “Buy now” button and start reading all about cats today!What are you waiting for?
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    Bizarre Cat Facts: Strange & Unusual Things About Kitties

    This little book is all about the strange and unusual things cats do and be. You’ll be stunned by what you find in here.Get yours today.