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    Dead Zero (The U.N.I.T. Series Book 1)

    5 stars Sexy, fun, spy adventuring5 stars Anika and Gianni’s story was an absolute thrill to read! It’s “go time” for her first mission. With a senior agent who’s shown more than a professional interest in her. A “zero” in the parlance of U.N.I.T., the counterterrorism agency that recruited her, Anika Washington is determined to excel at her first mission and avoid becoming a “dead zero.” Or, even worse for her, to avoid being kicked out of the agency. Anika wants—no, needs—a place to belong. Growing up in an orphanage has left its scar that she was never good enough to be chosen. She will do whatever it takes to make the agency choose her, keep her. Gianni Brambilla is the gorgeous and enigmatic Level 3 agent who has taken a special interest in her. But his attention, while thrilling, risks breaking the agency rules against emotional entanglements. When another recruit commits a fatal mistake during a mission, Anika is called up to replace her. She teams with Gianni to go undercover at a black-tie gala. Armed with high-tech spy gadgets and quick thinking, the two of them will need to rely on each other to succeed. And survive. This book has previously been published under the title Ready or Dead by Crimson Romance. Read more