• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Serendipity: Samhain & Sorcery

    Seren Starlight isn’t your average witch.At 26 she’s yet to graduate from the esteemed senior academy of witchcraft because she refuses to obey the rules.A magnet for misadventure, things always go wrong around her.She doesn’t realise the consequences of talking back to the principal sorcerer until she receives a rather stinging lesson.Destiny takes Seren on a series of exploits during Samhain and she stumbles through them thanks to a string of happy accidents.Seren by name. Dippy in nature. Serendipity through fate. Each Serendipity book is a complete story in the humorous misadventures of Seren Starlight, but there is an arc of mystery and romance which develops throughout this planned eight books series.Each book coincides with one of the sabbats of the wheel of the year and will be released roughly every six weeks.Since there is a mild Welsh theme, they are written in British English.Warning: Contains adult themes. 1. Samhain & Sorcery2. Yule & Enchantments3. Imbolc & Incantations4. Ostara & Omens5. Beltane & Bewitchery6. Litha & Lore7. Lammas & Illusions8. Mabon & Magic Read more
  • Romance

    Masters of Paradise

    Fantasy Island or island fantasy? What makes a man – or a woman – want to invest in a speck of uninhabited land in the middle of the ocean? The lure of a lovers paradise on a tropical, private resort might be a temptation, but what sort of person wants to invest millions and build it from the ground up? Usually one with a story to tell. One who’s running, hiding, or incognito. Or maybe someone who wants to stick their middle finger up at the world. Find out, when you meet the Masters of Paradise. Read more