• Young Adult

    The Find: Max and the Dream Time – Part One

    Destinies are not set in stone. The price to modify your future might change everything. Max wants two things: leave the dying mill town and to take Jamie with him. Max finds the crystalline Orb at the bottom of a pond. He found his golden ticket out of town. The Orb breaks Max’s heart. He vows to make sure the events he sees never come to pass. How much pain can one boy endure to save the one he loves? Would it be enough to protect her? Will altering the future come at a cost too high for him to pay? Download Now! Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Ptarmigan Lane (Aydin Trammell Book 3)

    Aydin Trammell – An Excerpt Damn, that rain is sideways. At least it is warm in here. What a dive, these vinyl seats are sticky. Phil loves dives. He never stops eating. “Did she text you?” “No.” “Did you text her?” “No.” “Then, what are you doing on your phone?” “She is at her mother’s house.” His fork stopped, hovering just close enough to the next bite. The fake maple syrup dripped off the pancake and on to his thigh. Phil knew Aydin was not telling him something. “What did you do?” “I can track her phone. She always goes home to her parent’s place in Lone Tree. She feels safe there. She thinks I won’t go there and drag her ass out into the street.” “You won’t, and you know it. Allison’s dad won’t let you do something stupid, like dragging her into the street. That didn’t go so well last time. Her dad loves you more than he loves her. He won’t let you do something stupid.” “Yeah, Pops is good people, but her mother is a bitch just like her. Two peas in a pod.” “Why did you marry her? You have known her family since you were five. What’s the deal with her mother and your father? How come they kept getting stationed on the same bases? Pops I get. He was spying before we were born. Why did Pops marry Allison’s mother? Never mind, I’ll ask Pops. You had to know what Allison is like before you married her. You knew why you were saying the forever I Do. What’s the deal?” Phil’s timing is terrible. Aydin Trammell A former Special Ops Commando thought covert missions in the desert were rough. Then he married a spy who wants him dead. Surviving the repeated attempts on their lives, Aydin Trammell and his sidekick Phil uncover who and why someone wants Aydin dead. Espionage, counterespionage, the international opium trade, high-tech forensics, and a family history of deceit are the nitty-gritties in Aydin’s search for the threat. Aydin’sand Phil created a Colorado-based software company. The software company is real and also a front for their spy work. Aydin’s wife, Allison, has her long-con deal go wrong, leading to the insight: Aydin, and Allison, are part of a decade’s long experiment run by their parents. An experiment designed to nurture children to be intellectually superior humans, trained spies, and assassins. Is Aydin willing to kill who they lure into the light? Aydin and Phil can’t keep everyone alive. Pops, Allison’s father says, let them all die. Available Now Wherever You Buy Books! Read more