• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Nothing Personal: West Hills Season One

    When civilization ends, the struggle for power begins Since the Collapse, there’s no such thing as “family” anymore. Now people’s lives are structured into “corporations”—groups of people who have been forced together without their consent. Everything must be done for “the greater good”—that is, those at the top. As the architects of the system, they have total control over everyone inside it. Arriving at her new corporation in West Hills, Addyson assumes her post is a promotion. Yet she soon discovers it’s nothing of the sort. But she has far bigger problems: one of the most powerful members of corporate society wants her dead. It’s nothing personal—he’s just willing to dispose of anyone who stands in his way . . . and Addyson is right in his crosshairs. Read the first book of this exciting new dystopic series right now! Nothing Personal is the first season in the West Hills saga. Up next is Nothing Sacred, the second season.