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    Oranges for Eve : My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine

    Oranges for Eve: My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine is a manifesto of feminine light, truth & POWER. Because…the time has come for women to stop eating the poisonous bitter apples of old patriarchal lies! Rabbi Tamara Kolton was the senior rabbi at an unusual atheistic temple. But there came a time when she was keeping a secret. This is a story of self-discovery and the deep healing that every woman needs in her life. It is also the story of the most misunderstood woman in history: Eve. Yes, Eve of the garden, the snake and the damn apple. We are taught that Eve was a sinner.  But that is not true. Eve is the Mother of Spiritual Bravery. For thousands of years, women have been shamed and silenced.  But we are waking up as a collective and refusing to be silent anymore. *What do you truly yearn for deep down in your gut? *What would you do if you had the audacity to act on your own behalf? Your yearnings, your urges to transform your life and take those big, even terrifying leaps, actually are a call to bravery and spiritual fulfillment from your true spiritual mother, the radical, beautiful, Eve. We are going to answer the call.  In this book, Rabbi Tamara Kolton will guide you on a healing journey in which you will tenderly be asked to love your shame and fear away and step onto a path of spiritual healing and bravery.   Through magnificent exercises and gorgeous memoir, you will:  *Journey deep inside the myth of the Garden of Eden and experience Eve for who she REALLY is. *Discover God in the feminine and how this fierce, feminine and nourishing energy can truly transform your life and heal our world.  *Connect with feminine LIGHT, TRUTH & POWER! Because Eve was no sinner. Eve was a spiritual badass. You can be too. This book will show you how.