• Romance

    Master Class: First Three Lessons

    “Dark, delicious, and damn near addictive! Don’t keep The Master waiting.” – USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future…My entire life has been determined for me.I will be the trophy wife of a powerful man.But another powerful man stands between us.The first lesson he teaches me is obedience.The second, patience.My third lesson is supposed to be learning to control my mind.But maybe I’d prefer he do it for me… Read more
  • Romance

    Obey: Lesson One (Master Class Book 1)

    A master’s class in surrender. My entire life, I was trained to be a perfect bride.I thought I was ready for my wedding.I longed to meet the man who would be my husband.Instead I met him—The Master.He says I’m not good enough.He says I haven’t learned everything I need.Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future.But the sensual journey he takes me on will teach me more than I ever dreamed. Book one of ten in the Master Class.