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    Santa’s Greatest Gift: The Truth About Santa Wrapped in the Spiritual Meaning of Christmas

    How can parents explain Santa without looking like liars? Rumors are flying that Santa is not real, and that he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. Even worse, if Santa’s not real then the next logical step is to assume that Jesus isn’t real either. In Santa’s Greatest Gift, Santa responds to these accusations, revealing his true identity and shedding light on the true identity of every soul on earth. This reassuring letter from Santa guides the child in all of us through the rumors of falsehood to the amazing discovery that Santa is real and living as the Giving Spirit in everyone who plays the role of Santa. Santa’s greatest gift, however, is the knowledge that the Spirit of God that lived and was made perfect in Jesus is also alive inside each person as the Christ Spirit. The honoring of the Christ Child in each girl and boy is, in fact, the reason that Santa has been bringing gifts each year, just as the wise men brought gifts for the Christ Child on that first Christmas day. It is Santa’s hope that the peace of Christmas will be found through the recognition of the Giving Spirit and the Christ Spirit inside ourselves and everyone we meet. Read Santa’s letter today, and find out how you can download a printable version to stick in your child’s stocking when the time comes to reveal the truth. Read more