• Paranormal

    On Edge: a Decorah Security Series Prequel Novella

    From New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York On Edge is a prequel to the Decorah Security series, Frank Decorah's story that so many readers asked for after meeting him in the first few Decorah books. While in rehab at the Naval Medical Center, Navy SEAL Frank encounters two spirit women. One is a mind vampire, determined to suck the life out of patients in despair. The other is a guardian, fighting for their lives. After Frank helps her chase the vampire away, things get personal between the two of them.  EXCERPT: "You must forget me," she said. "If I'm going to forget this, it doesn't matter what happens now, does it?" She tipped her head to the side.  "What do you mean?" "This." If it had been daylight in the real world, he would have backed away from her.  But this encounter was in a different category, like a dream and yet not a dream. He brought his lips to hers for a kiss that started off sweet and soft and quickly turned hot and hard.  It had been eons since he kissed a woman, eons since he'd even thought about it or wanted to.  Now he was focusing on every subtle nuance of her lips on his.  He felt her shock at the contact.  Maybe she tried to pull away. He wasn't sure because he held her fast, wanting more of her–wanting everything from her. She seemed to know little of kissing, but he felt her relax into the sensuality of the moment, and he felt his own body harden in answer to her response. He stroked one hand up and down her back, loving the lithe curves of her body.  He was thinking about where the two of them could get horizontal when he felt her push against his shoulder. "You should not." His eyes blinked open. "Why not?" "We should never have met." He had forgotten that he was a man with one leg, a man who no woman was going to want. "Sorry," he muttered. She raised her face, searching his eyes.  "Are you really sorry?" "No." "Good." She'd gone from protest to reassurance in the space of a few moments. "You liked it," he said.  It wasn't a question but a statement. "Yes."  He watched her swallow hard.  "But my liking it is all right because you won't remember it." "The hell I won't." **More stories in Rebecca York's Decorah Security series:   #1 On Edge – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella – introduces the founder of Decorah Security Agency   #2 Dark Moon – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel   #3 Chained – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella   #4 Ambushed – Paranormal romantic-suspense short story   #5 Dark Powers – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel   #6 Hot and Dangerous – Paranormal romantic-suspense short story   #7 At Risk – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel   #8 Christmas Captive – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella   #9 Destination Wedding – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella#10 Rx Missing – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel #11 Hunting Moon – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel#12 Terror Mansion – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella#13 Outlaw Justice – Paranormal romantic-suspense novella#14 Found Missing – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel#15 Preying Game – Paranormal romantic-suspense novel **The Decorah Security Collection includes Chained, Dark Powers, Hot and Dangerous,and Ambushed. **For more sexy, action-packed thrillers from Rebecca York, check out thescience-fiction romance stories in her Off-World series: #1 – Hero's Welcome – Sexy science-fiction romance short story #2 – Nightfall – Sexy science-fiction romance novella #3 – Conquest – Sexy science-fiction romance short story #4 – Assignment Danger – Sexy science-fiction romance novella#5 – Christmas Home – Sexy science-fiction romance short story#6 – Firelight Confession – Sexy science-fiction romance novella **The Off World Collection includes Hero's Welcome, Conquest, and Nightfall.