• Young Adult

    Truly Deadly: (Book 1: Spy and Assassin Action Thriller Series)

    You know you’re having a bad day when… a) Your social life is DOA b) You’re falling for someone you really shouldn’t c) A secret agency is trying to kill you Ever since the heart transplant, Lorna hasn’t been the same. The crazy behaviours. The insane new spy skills. And the violent memories. Could they really be her donor’s? Soon Lorna’s on the trail of a mysterious object her donor hid before his death. Not long after, she’s top of a secret agency kill list. With only her new killer instincts to rely on, will she survive long enough to discover the truth? And what’s the shocking revelation waiting for her in Norway? Truly Deadly is the first in a YA action thriller series readers are calling “CHERUB meets Bourne”. If like your fiction fast and funny, you’ll love blazing through Rob Aspinall’s super-addictive spy series. More and more readers are discovering Truly Deadly, so don’t miss out. Start the adventure right away. PLUS…see inside the book on how to get three more Rob Aspinall thrillers – absolutely free! Download Truly Deadly and hold on tight. Recommended for age 16+. Not for the faint-hearted.