• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm: An Elemental Magic Fantasy Adventure (Temple of the Storm Book 1)

    A storm is brewing in the kingdom. If she unleashes the power inside her, can she make justice rain? Arianna struggles to control the tempest deep in her heart. Longing to rid herself of the quick-tempered Lightning Spirit trapped within her, she’s desperate to cool her emotions and save her people from the devastating drought that began the day she was born. But when her father is murdered during a quest to break the curse, Arianna vows to channel her powers to end the suffering and take revenge. Teaming up with her skilled swordsman best friend, she embarks on a treacherous journey to retrieve the lost relics that could halt the terrible dry spell. But with callous knights hot on her tail, Arianna must stay ahead of her pursuers and defeat an unknown enemy’s sinister plans. Can the young woman free the might of the heavens before her realm falls to a shadowy foe? Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm is the captivating first book in the Temple of the Storm YA fantasy series. If you like dynamic heroines, vivid world-building, and legendary battles, then you’ll love Robbie Ballew and Stephen Landry’s stirring adventure. Buy Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm to release primal forces today! Read more