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    Complicity in Heels: a Money Launderers’ Tale

    Family comes first. Money laundering comes second… Nikki Frank just walked out of prison and into a limousine. The money launderer and former informant for the Feds wants nothing more than to reconnect with her disabled brother. Instead, Spence Taylor pitches her a monumental scheme that could set them up for life. When Nikki learns her brother’s medical expenses have sucked their trust fund dry, she takes the gig and goes back under cover. As the money brokering gig grows more and more complex, she learns the scheme could bring down the entire world economy. Can she assess the real risk, alert the Feds, and save her brother’s future all without blowing her cover? Complicity In Heels is a money laundering thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you like fast-paced plots, realistic crimes, and sexy suspense, then you’ll love Matt Leatherwood’s debut novel. Buy Complicity In Heels to follow the money today!