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    A Wake Up Call For America: America Has Lost Her Way… But There is Still Hope!

    Is There Hope for America? Over the past seven years America has drifted from her calling—but is it too late? From celebrating gay marriage to the apathetic reaction to the revelation that aborted babies were being ripped apart and sold for profit, America has abandoned her moral center. The decision of President Obama to take the United States down a few notches has resulted in the creation and success of ISIS and Russia invading Ukraine and Syria, without any fear of repercussions. The fact remains that when America is not strong, people suffer. Christian men are being beheaded and their wives and daughters sold as sex slaves. The decisions Americans make in the coming year could be the difference between blessing and curses. Ron Cantor, with prophetic urgency, reminds Americans of what this calling was and the pathway back to blessing. He doesn’t waste words in this short eBook. You’ll read it one sitting and then want to pray for America. Read more