• Paranormal

    Permission (The Red Door Diaries Book 1)

    Lady Gregory can speak with the spirits of the dead. But when the lives of her makeshift family are at risk, can she use her magic to save them before it’s too late? Having recently lost her own daughter to yellow fever, Lady Gregory takes two young women under her wing after their parents also died of the fever. To survive in a man’s world and keep bread on the table for her and the young women, Lady Gregory turns to the world’s oldest profession, but she isn’t exactly what she seems and has a special talent: she can conjure the spirits of the dead for grieving widowers. But when local women in the town of Concord are suddenly attacked at night by a mysterious creature, Lady Gregory tries to stay out of the limelight until her fate is tied inexplicably to the cases. Once the local deputy gets involved and wants more than her help, Lady Gregory finds that no matter how far she’s run from her past, there are some things she just can’t escape. To save the lives of her makeshift family, Lady Gregory must face her dark past and go down a path that will unlock the secrets to her true power, but might also risk her very soul…
  • Horror

    Ahab’s Daughter (The Werewhale Saga Book 1)

    A sea curse and dark magic. A family that can’t stay clear of the water… Join Morgan as she sets sail to break a family curse on the Island of Nightmares. Set in the 1850s, Morgan refuses to let her twin brother suffer the same fate as their whale-obsessed father, Captain Ahab. Despite her efforts to keep Nathan on dry land, her brother can’t resist the siren song of the sea and rumors of untold treasures on the Island of Nightmares… Before Nathan can drop anchor and find his bounty, his crew encounters an ominous force. He’s convinced the creature is somehow connected to his father’s past and that one of his crew has been bitten. Could Nathan actually be on the run from a werewhale? As the dark island fast approaches, Nathan’s adventure could end in a watery grave. It’s up to Morgan and her father’s old crewmate Ishmael to save Nathan’s life. But can she possibly change the mind of a man with the same stubborn streak as Captain Ahab? Ahab’s Daughter is the rollicking first novel in The Werewhale Saga, a series of fantasy adventures. If you like tenacious heroines, supernatural twists, and high seas suspense, then you’ll love Ron Vitale’s entertaining follow-up to Herman Melville’s literary classic.
  • Historical Fiction

    Lost (Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries Book 1)

    What happened to Cinderella after she married the prince? Did she truly live "happily ever after"? This is the first book in the Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries series. Lost will captivate readers who love fiction filled with fantasy and magic. The Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries series is a perfect match for fans who have read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Everyone knows the fairy tale of Cinderella and the glass slipper, but in this Cinderella retelling, what happened to her after she married the Prince? Set in the late 1700s as Napoleon is rising to power, Cinderella embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to come to terms with her new life. Her journey leads her to find her long lost Fairy Godmother and aids her to solve the mystery behind her mother’s death. Yet the Fey Lord, the Silver Fox, and the witch Renée also take notice in her and suddenly her world is turned upside down. Find out if Cinderella does find her happily ever after in Lost, the dark and intriguing first book in the Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries series! Interview with the author from Digital Book Today: Ron Vitale turns the fairy tale on its head with a dark and twisted look into the private life of Cinderella and her struggle to find happily ever after in a world of magic and politics. Drawing rave reviews for its creepy and original imagining of the Cinderella fairy tale, Lost: Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries, and its sequels, Stolen and Found, are available in print and ebook through Amazon. Question: What inspired you to write Lost: Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries? Answer: My young daughter. Four years ago, my daughter was nearly three years old, and she was infatuated with Princesses and anything pink. While reading to her one night, a question popped into my head: What happens after the happily ever after? I started to think about that and then realized that I had an idea I could sink my teeth into. After Cinderella marries the Prince, the story ends, but I wanted to go beyond that and show Cinderella’s struggle after she was married. I just used my imagination and let it run wild, and my readers have connected with what I’ve come up with in my series. Question: What’s your book about? Answer: The book is about Cinderella’s coming to terms with her identity. All her life she’s been forced to do what she’s been told, and it’s taken a toll on her. Now she’s at a point in her young life in which she has to decide where she wants to go in life and who to be. If I could boil my book down to one phrase, it’s simply that women do not have to wait to be rescued by men. Women can rescue themselves. There’s no need to wait for a man to save them. Question: Tell us a little about your main character. Answer: Cinderella is young and still innocent. She’s married to the Prince but is still trying to find her voice and identity. Now a member of the royal court of England in the late 1700s, Cinderella has tremendous pressure on her to perform and carry the heir to the throne. She’s timid, unsure of herself, and searching for a friend to help her find her way. All along, Cinderella looks to others to save her, but slowly she realizes that her Fairy Godmother cannot always be at her side. She needs to find other sources of support to help her deal with tremendous challenges before she loses her way. She desperately searches to find the magic that once saved her from her stepmother and hopes that she can once again be saved. But in her innocence, she stumbles upon a secret that turns her life upside down and causes her to question all that she knows.