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    Fun and Amazing Facts for Kids: A Fascinating Book of Information for Curious Kids

    Set off on a journey of discovery with Ronny the Frenchie, everyone’s favorite canine friend—he’s got an insane sense of humor and his nose to the ground, sniffing out the most interesting trivia. Science, nature, wildlife, history, sports, engineering, and quirky trivia are all included to capture and nurture little minds. Ronny’s book, Fun and Amazing Facts for Kids, is truly amazing, interesting, and perfect for kids aged 8–12 years to satisfy their curiosity about what’s happening in the world and the universe. Be warned—most parents, too, simply can’t stop reading this fascinating book! Every detail included in this fun and amazing book of facts for kids is from verified sources and relevant for children. The vast number of subjects covered captures the interests of all children. Facts are presented in a fun and humorous manner to make reading more interesting. Attention to detail makes this book a treasure trove of valuable information your family will love poring over. This is the ultimate book of facts for the entire family to learn about important, weird, and whacky tidbits covering a multitude of subjects. Did you know a frog drinks water through its skin—even though it’s got that giant mouth? Did you know that some lakes can actually explode? Or that your ears keep on growing and never stop?! Find out why we don’t end up looking like Dumbo! Ronny has a whole lot of cool facts in here about reptiles, the planets, math, oceans, people, and much more.Your kids will not put this book down once they start reading—that’s a guarantee! Read more