• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Hound of Hell: Book One

    He serves the Round Table in cruel and sadistic ways. But can this knighted spymaster survive when the tables turn? Renault has pledged his deadly skills and mortal life to the Brotherhood. Even centuries after King Arthur’s demise, when the Merlin orders him to lead a rescue mission, he armors up without hesitation. Yet this cunning warrior did not predict his assignment would be a vicious fight to the death. Aboard a speeding train with his men by his side, a shocking betrayal throws Renault off guard and jeopardizes the entire crusade. And with an old foe intent on claiming his head, he fears the forces of their combined enemies may finally outmatch his knights. Can Renault defeat a desperate assassin and save the captive, or will his legendary reputation come to a gory end? The Hound of Hell is the first book in the gripping Hound of Hell dark fantasy spin-off series within The Brotherhood of Merlin universe. If you like Arthurian legends, graphic action, and rich characters, then you’ll love Rory D Nelson’s relentless adventure. Buy The Hound of Hell to hold on tight for a high-speed bloodbath today! Read more
  • Horror

    The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book One

    One universe of magic could never contain the Knights of the Round Table… The Merlin bears his legendary title with honor. Lifetimes after King Arthur’s death, the wizard will go to great lengths to protect the orphaned demi-god prophesied to carry his staff and protect the sacred code. But with a vicious king marching on his heir’s township, Merlin fears he won’t have the strength to hold back the bloodthirsty horde. Waging a desperate guerrilla battle, Merlin and his nine Knights deploy sword, pistol, and sorcery against the onslaught. With the young successor in hiding and a savage enemy on the move, Merlin’s centuries-long defenses could drown in a sea of blood. Can the magician uphold the age-old legacy and once again lead his Knights to victory? The Brotherhood of Merlin is the first book in an action-packed dark fantasy series set in a parallel universe of magic run amok. If you like gritty heroes, graphic combat, and breathtaking plot twists, then you’ll love Rory D Nelson’s page-turning tale. Buy The Brotherhood of Merlin to watch the mythical wizard charge into battle today!
  • Horror

    Dawn of the Merlin: the Final Quest

    Perronius. He is the greatest knight in Round Table history, a blind hero with preternatural abilities to rival the gods themselves. And now, he faces the greatest threat in his country's history. A tyrant named Songre-Khan has plans of invading his country. His secret weapon is a monk named Gaeden-Kai he keeps locked away in his impenetrable fortress. No one has ever escaped from it.   And so Perronius embarks on the most difficult mission of his life: rescue Gaeden-Kai from the clutches of Songre-Khan and defeat Gilleon's greatest threat to their survival. If he accomplishes it, he will attain the title of Merlin, a title that ushers in an era of peace and prosperity. If he fails, then everything he holds dear will be extinguished.