• Historical Fiction

    The Daughter’s Promise: a Novella

    How far would you go to save your family and a priceless heirloom? France, 1830. A young woman is facing a difficult decision about her future, when the turmoil of the July Revolution overturns her tranquil world. Her family is called upon to protect a precious heirloom for an aunt who has been forced into exile, throwing them into the path of a powerful enemy. To save her family, and fulfil a promise to her mother, she must flee her secluded life and embark on a perilous journey to England. Outwitting her adversaries will take all of her courage and ingenuity, with the help of a charming Englishman she meets along the way. But will it be enough, against a man who won’t give up until the prize is his? Read as a stand-alone novella, or join other fans of historical fiction in reading the French Legacy series. “Absolutely loved it and devoured it quickly.”“Fast paced & very readable.” “A captivating mix of history, excitement and romance.” Read more