Historical Fiction

    Desperate Cowboy Seeks Mail Order Bride to Save Ranch

    What do you do when your desperation clouds your judgement that brings you closer to danger beyond your wildest expectations as a mail order bride? Katie Richards, aged twenty-five wants to ESCAPE the suffocating confines of the city and, out of desperation & frustrations, she decides to venture West to start a new life, not knowing that TROUBLE AND DANGER may be lurking behind every corner. She never considers the possible THREATS because having stayed under the protection of her parents in a enclosed community her whole life, travelling to the Wild West couldn’t be more exciting. She longed for the wide open spaces and the crisp mountain air, the complete opposite of what she lives in now. “Really, Katie?” her mother questioned, passing the baby to her oldest daughter. “You would marry a man just to get fresh air? What about love? Common interests? Faith?” “Not just for the air, Mama,” Katie reasoned. “But for the opportunity. I would love to live on a farm with animals and mountains…" Matthew Carson, is young cowboy who owns a ranch left by his grandfather. His whole life has been about ranching and he knows NOTHING ABOUT LOVE. His single status had never been a problem to him until he found out that his grandfather stipulated that he must marry to keep the ranch. He has NO CHOICE but to FOLLOW his instructions. But destiny plays a trick on Katie and she gets LOST in Kansas City, only to end up in a boarding house full of full of eligible bachelors. Although she could easily choose one of the men in Kansas City as a husband and forget about Matthew Carson out in Colorado, her loyalty keeps her true, and a unexpected mentor shows her a secret that may bring her personal faith to life. When Katie and Matthew finally met, she discovers the SECRET that Matthew is keeping and suspects that the arrangement is only for convenience, causing CONFLICT between that may not be easily reconciled. Will Matthew able to SAVE his ranch and have a marriage that is more than just a convenience? Will he find LOVE? Will Katie FORGIVE and ACCEPT him despite feeling that she was brought out under false pretenses?