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    Mai Tais and Murder (Dog Detective – A Bulldog on the Case Book 5)

    A quaint English garden party comes with good friends, a talking French Bulldog, fabulous cocktails, and a murder mystery.FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Lola Ramsay was dreading the garden party, She loved everything about England but she hated fuss. However, it seemed that saving the vicar from a murder charge made her a bit of a celebrity. All is going well until the village trouble causer, Lucinda Clinton-West drops dead after drinking her cocktail. Was the Mai Tie a mix of murder? All eyes fall on Roy Patterdale. After all, he threatened her life when she made the council cut his precious hedges. Is that really enough to drive a man to murder? Sassy the sock-loving Frenchie must use all her skills to hunt down the killer for it seems that many in the village had a reason to silence the gossip of Lucinda. She has split up families, prevented businesses from expanding, destroyed people’s chances of getting planning permission, and generally made a nuisance of herself. If you like smart women, loveable Frenchies, and intriguing puzzles in your cozy mystery series, then you’ll love Rosie Sams’s delightful British country adventure. Get ready for lots of laughs as you join Sassy, the Frenchie, to solve this murder mystery. Includes 2 recipes, one approved by Sassy! Read more