Young Adult

    Doubtful Kiss: a Love That Happened by Chance

    ✔ Having nearly lost her career, she had suffered an uncomfortable breakup when her then-boyfriend and cousin started seeing each other. ✔ Melissa’s painful experience from her previous relationship with Paul, and the insecurities that she developed as a result, begin to catch up to her. ✔ While she is falling hopefully in love with Derek, she doesn’t want their relationship to be public for fear of losing her sanity and her career. ✔ When a colleague spots them both together, Melissa’s insecurities come to the surface leading to a confrontation with Derek that threatens to break them apart. ✔ Will her losing control tear her relationship with Derek apart? Will Derek break up with her for being obviously disrespectful and mean? ✔ Now, what in the world Paul is thinking showing up on her doorstep?