• Horror

    Spells Like Teen Spirit: A Suburban Witches Short Story (Suburban Witch Mysteries)

    Love is in the air…erm, water…in this short, lighthearted Suburban Witch story! When teen witch Holly Watkins decides to use a love potion to get the guy of her dreams, all spell breaks loose. It’s up to her mother, Ellie, and Ellie’s coven to reverse the damage done by the potion before the Council of Magical Creatures discovers Holly’s misdeed and punishes her severely. Can Ellie keep her daughter out of trouble and return order to the love-crazed high school? With a little help from her friends, anything is possible, even a little romance with a handsome high school math teacher… This fun short story first appeared in the anthology ‘Hexes and Ohs’. Other books in the Suburban Witch series include: Magic, Mistletoe, & Murder (short mystery prequel)Demons Don’t Play Fair Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Magic, Mistletoe, & Murder: A Suburban Witch Mystery Prequel Story (Suburban Witch Mysteries)

    Meet the witches of Country Acres Coven, Kensleigh Landing East, where the suburbs and the supernatural just happen to overlap. Mischa, Ellie, and Poe are more than just best friends and neighbors—they also form a coven of witches living right in the middle of a sleepy suburban town in North Carolina. They make the perfect neighborhood watch and always have an eye on what’s going on in their town. So, when a blonde bombshell with a mysterious past moves in, they’re understandably curious. Especially when, hours later, another neighbor drops dead. Did their new neighbor murder their old one? Or did someone else want grumpy Edith Whitlow dead? It’s up to the witches to solve Edith’s murder, but with PTA meetings, full-time jobs, and two talking cats underfoot, can they catch the culprit in time for their annual Christmas party? If you’re a fan of funny witches and (sometimes) desperate housewives, you’ll love this! This is a short, fun read that introduces the characters in the Suburban Witch series. This short origin story originally appeared in the anthology, ‘Spells and Jinglebells’. Suburban Witch Series reading order: Magic, Mistletoe, & MurderDemons Don’t Play FairSpells Like Teen Spirit (Short story) Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Dead Before The Wedding (Carly Keene Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

    Life in a small town can be murder… Meet Carly Keene. She’s a professional photographer, part-time bakery employee, and a small town girl who loves everything about her hometown, until she discovers that there’s a murderer on the loose. Parker’s Mill has a killer in its midst. The sleepy little Georgia town is full of quirky characters, but one of them is a stone-cold killer. When Carly discovers the body of one of her photography clients in his bathtub, fully clothed and snuggled up to a space heater in the dead of summer, she knows something’s not right. The dead guy had some secrets. One of which just happens to be a secret love child, and another is a redhead who smokes too much, which wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t been engaged to a brassy blonde with eighties hair and a heck of a mean temper. He also has a gorgeous twin brother who knocks Carly for six when she realizes that she might be falling for him.  Can Carly figure out who really killed Larry Gaston before the cops nab the wrong person? Or will she let his handsome twin wander off into the sunset with one of the dead guy’s former conquests? Get cozy with the characters in this small town as Carly fights for justice as sweet as the chocolate cake at the Sweets & Eats bakery! **Includes two recipes straight from the book!**