• Historical Fiction

    Gwen’s Gentlemen: Women’s Fiction (Seafarers Book 3)

    A nineteenth century seaman’s journal. A woman searching for renewal. An unexpected friendship. Is it possible that Gwen’s life could be transformed like her sister Emily’s? If so, which of the gentlemen, dead or alive, will claim her affections? 
In the first two books in the Seafarers Series, Emily Harrison finds her true love in Victor.
Now it could be her sister’s turn; but there is a problem.
 Gwen Harrison has never been an easy person to like. Perhaps it is because of her hard-scrabble existence, but when she is left on her own after her sister Emily’s marriage, she has to rethink her life and look to her future. And that means men!
 Can she snag a man and persuade him she has changed her ways? Does she even want to? This is the third novel in the Seafarers series of discerning women’s fiction adventure books. It can be read as a standalone story.
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Justine and the Psychic Connections (Cat Clues Book 1)

    Everyone has secrets. Nothing stays secret forever. Justine Jordan arrives in the small village of Lenzie hoping to find peace and quiet. Instead she finds a Siamese cat on her new doorstep, a clear sign she’s about to be pulled into a mystery that must be solved. Can she help her new neighbour whilst protecting her own secrets and adjusting to her new life? A new series from the author of the Prime Time and Home Sweet Home books! Perfect reads for fans of women’s fiction and cozy mysteries alike.
  • Women's Fiction

    Auld Acquaintance

    Women's Fiction

    Auld Acquaintance

    Auld Acquaintance is the story of a woman in her 60s who has lost her confidence through life events, including a divorce. Anna has a part-time job in a library, and a group of good friends, but her hopes for a brighter future are growing dim. Unexpectedly, she receives a legal letter informing her that she has inherited a piece of property in Scotland.