• Children's

    Island of Glass

    It’s a dangerous thing, creating glass slippers for a prince … Seventeen-year-old Chiara Dragoni is a master glassmaker of Venice, a position that is both a privilege — and a trap. For the glassmakers of Murano are forbidden to ever leave the islands of the Venetian lagoon. When Chiara’s uncle is caught on the mainland and thrown into the dungeon of the Doge’s Palace, she must use all her talents, including magic, to help free him. But the gift she creates for a prince of Venice has unintended consequences. And now Chiara must decide whether to give up everything and everyone she knows in order to save her dream — and be with the man she truly loves … Set in an alternate historical Venice with alchemists, witches and magic, Island of Glass uses familiar motifs from the beloved fairy tale “Cinderella” to tell a very different tale. It is the first book in The Glassmakers Trilogy. Read more
  • Historical Fiction

    Gawain and Ragnell: a Pendragon Chronicles Short Story

    Gawain was not only Arthur’s champion, he was the champion of the ladies as well. He loved many women, but none too much — until one of his lovers told him she intended to marry another man. Now, a year later, he is running away from his disappointment, traveling north to fight against a mysterious warrior who has taken the hill-fort of the lady Ragnell. But there is a mystery to Ragnell too, the beauty with the ravaged face. And Gawain learns he must solve both mysteries, that of the warrior and that of the lady … Publisher’s note: Gawain and Ragnell is an expanded version of an episode in Shadow of Stone, the second book in the best-selling Arthurian fantasy series, “The Pendragon Chronicles.” It is a stand-alone story. Readers who have read Shadow of Stone will already be familiar with the tale. The ebook includes an excerpt from the first book in the series, YSEULT. “Gawain and Ragnell” is a story of approximately 17,000 words, or 65 pages.