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    The Bigot List: (A J.J. McCall Novel)

    “[The Bigot List]” is a mystery thriller from S. D. Skye … hard to put down for lovers of spy fiction, highly recommended. — Carl Logan, Midwest Book Review ★★★★ “Thick with layers, [The Bigot List] is filled with strife, deceit, lust, pain, mystery, and humor.” OOSA Online Book Club TWO Bureau sources are dead. TEN FBI spy catchers on The Bigot List are suspects. ONE is a ruthless traitor spying for the Russians. FBI Special Agent J.J. McCall is a patriot, a fighter, and a badass. She’s dedicated her life—and her “gift”—to rooting out traitors who sell American government secrets. Unafraid of bending the rules to catch moles, she’s among the most successful spy catchers in FBI history—man or woman. But internal politics has left her snubbed, frustrated, and hopeless. Change is in the wind–the perfect storm is brewing. Just as she’s ready to quit, J.J. learns a Russian spy who helped her expose American turncoats is ruthlessly murdered, and another is in mortal danger. FBI leadership suspects a mole is operating deep inside the Bureau, and his name is on the bigot list—a list of personnel granted the highest access to FBI secrets. But a twist of fate threatens to land J.J. and her partner atop the suspect list. Duty calls and J.J. can’t quit—not now. And she’s forced to lead the most critical investigation of her career – hunting down and catching one of her own, a fellow FBI agent, before he strikes again. THE BIGOT LIST is the first book in S.D. Skye’s award-winning, post-Cold War FBI-Russian intelligence spy thriller series. Discover an exciting new world of suspense, mystery, international intrigue, and romance inside the Nation’s Capital when you buy your copy today! Also on Sale BOOK 2–Situation Critical and BOOK 3 — The Shadow Syndicate Read more