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    Cougar Creek: A short story prequel to The Yellowstone Convergence (Alex Lyons)

    Welcome to Yellowstone National Park. Where it’s easy to get lost. And hard to be found. Ph.D. student Alex Lyons just wants to complete her study of the wolves of Yellowstone in peace. But the world is conspiring against her. First, her trusted backcountry guide turns her over to Adam Parker, the handsome but annoying young man who won’t let her do anything on her own. Then the very subjects of her research—the wolf pups of the Cougar Creek Pack—begin disappearing. Determined to track down the missing pups, Alex must work with Adam as Yellowstone and a pair of dangerous criminals do everything in their power to stop her. Will Alex’s reckless pursuit of the truth get them both killed? Click now to enjoy this short story prequel to the full-length thriller, The Yellowstone Convergence. Read more