• Horror

    The Corpseriders: a Tale of Aegis Immemorial

    ‘The Corpseriders: A Tale of Aegis Immemorial’ is the first adventure set in a unique world of dark fantasy and Eldritch horror. It is a world where the skies are dark and terrible things wait to rain down death upon the helpless land below. It is a world where the earth itself is poisoned, and danger lurks in the dark shadows, waiting to strike at the unwary. But Danika Echo is no stranger to these horrors. A world-weary hunter who is far from home, she has travelled to the wild wilderness of the north looking to sate her restlessness. Now, it is up to her to uncover the secrets that hide among the valleys, and face a terrible truth that could end her adventures before they even begin. This is a 7000 word short story. Read more