Axel Rhodes and the Golden Scarab: Irresistible Time-travel

    Praise for AXEL RHODES and the GOLDEN SCARAB “This tale is a great adventure … I was enthralled …” – READERS’ FAVORITE “This story is unique, action-packed and exciting … I was totally hooked …” – THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS Axel Rhodes has a great life, but routine isn’t always exciting. He wants to break free and find his place in the world, he wants to make a difference and finally be the hero he knows he can be. Little does he know that his wildest dreams are about to become his reality. The Museum of Grandovia is home to a million secrets waiting to be unlocked. While filling in time at the museum, Axel has a curious encounter with an ancient force amid a trove of priceless treasures. Someone is calling him. Someone needs him. It’s the time a new hero is chosen. The fragile peace in ancient Egypt is threatened by a long-time feud between two powerful brothers, Seth and Horus. Axel and his best friend, Linc, are joined by a new ally, Rani, as they transcend time to save the day. The trio of heroes-in-training embark on a perilous race through the scorching deserts of ancient Egypt and temples full of hidden chambers primed with deadly traps. All the while, an army of deadly statues (Uberdiles) are determined to stop them at any cost. It’s up to Axel and his friends to find the mysterious Golden Scarab, defeat the threat of evil, and save history. If they fail, the impact on the future will be a disaster. This is such an exciting and enthralling ride that you’ll need a rest at the end. But once you’ve caught your breath, you’ll be busting to continue the incredible AXEL RHODES series. AXEL RHODES and the CURSED NILE (Book 2) “…absolutely wonderful – even better than the first.” – MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK REVIEWS AXEL RHODES and the FALLEN PHARAOH (Book 3) “Wow! This third book is absolutely awesome.” – GOODREADS AXEL RHODES and the MISSING LINK (Book 4) – Due in 2021 Note: The original edition of this book was published as The Golden Scarab.