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    Eat, Read, Love: Romance and Recipes from the Ruby-slippered Sisterhood

    FREE COOKBOOK! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If so, then you’ll need a copy of EAT, READ, LOVE! Because there’s no place like the kitchen! "A mouth-watering book of recipes and excerpts from their books. A great appetizer for readers on multiple levels: You get casseroles, brownies and turtle soup as well as a taste of what several of romance’s best and brightest serve up in their books." – Romantic Times Book Reviews This unique COOKBOOK pairs recipes with EXCERPTS from the romance novels that inspired them. From YA to suspense to historical to contemporary… Join the members of the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood for some "romancing the stove," and delight in romance and recipes from some of today’s hottest rising stars, such as Darynda Jones, Jeannie Lin, Hope Ramsay, Laurie Kellogg, Kim Law, Amanda Brice, Liz Talley, and more! Includes the following recipes : MAIN DISHES* Allergen-Free Pad Thai* Chinese Sausage and Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves* Pernil Al Horno (Puerto Rican Roasted Pork Shoulder)* Jalapeño Chicken* Grandma Rose’s Varenyky (Ukrainian Pierogies)* Angelo the Mobster’s Pasta Primavera* Olivia’s Seafood Salad* Alaskan Crab Cakes* Easy-Peasy Meatloaf* “Hide the Peas, Please” Chicken Pot Pie SOUPS/STEWS* Cole’s Poorman Stew* New Mexican Green Chile Stew* Cock-A-Leekie Stew* Almost Medieval Leek Soup* Henri’s Turtle Soup* Caruru do Pará (Brazilian Shrimp Gumbo)* Abram’s Game Day Chicken and Sausage Gumbo SIDES* Abby’s Fatten-up-Mac Green Bean Casserole* Millie Polk’s Squash Casserole* Bacon and Egg Fried Rice* Sultana’s Rice* Stasia’s Vinegret (Russian Potato, Beet, & Carrot Salad)* Violet Easley’s Okra and Stewed Tomatoes* Eat These Fries CONDIMENTS* Dare To Be Different Barbeque Sauce* Alex’s Killer Pasta Sauce* Annie’s Favorite Hot Sauce* Devil’s Dust DESSERTS* Triple Chocolate Cake* Summer’s Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting* Ryker’s Favorite Mint Brownies* Tiramisu* Profiteroles* Hannah’s Heavenly Cinnamon-Almond Squares* Picou Dufrene’s Infamous Pecan Pralines* Tara’s Mother’s Southern Pecan Pralines* Maggie’s Amazing Pecan Pie* Jenny Carpenter’s Secret Pie Crust* Cream Cheese Pie* Nicole’s To-Die-For Apple Pie* Susanna’s Sonker* Fried Banana Nuggets* Betts’ Chocolate Chip Cookies* Jilian’s “Best of Earth” Cookies BREAKFAST* T-Bone Carter’s Biscuits* Cinnamon Rolls* Sausage Gravy & Biscuits* Lucy’s Rum Cake “Stud Muffins”* Sam’s Keep-Dani-Healthy Greek Omelet* Huevos Rancheros* Lucky’s Lucky Charms BEVERAGES* Dani’s Mango Madness Smoothie with Raspberry Swirl* Homemade Skinny Latte* Parish Cocoa* Captain Drake’s Rum Drinks* Cookie’s Mucho Magnifico Margaritas* Bonnie Pratt’s Easy-Peasy Peach Sangria HISTORICAL* Sample Menu from 1890s Dinner Party* 16th Century Herbal Remedies