• Historical Fiction

    The Tudor Heresy: Mercenary for Hire: a Medieval Historical Fiction Novel

    Henry VIII’s daughter, Elizabeth, is in danger. There are traitors at court. Must one man sacrifice himself to save her? 1553, England. Richard Fitzwarren is a man determined to forge his own path. Once a man of importance, he was driven from his home with his half-brother to scratch out a living as a mercenary. With little prospects, Richard must take whatever work comes his way, even when it leads to being thrown into the middle of a plot for the throne. But when his impulsive sibling draws attention from his wrathful family, the pair barely escape with their lives. With his family against him, Richard is desperate to find answers. Driven to uncover the truth behind the struggle for the crown, he activates a small but covert information network to help him. Abandoned to the wolves by his former employer, he now seeks revenge as well as funds as he courts those who wish to elevate the king’s elder sister to Queendom. But as the friction between the two religious factions intensify over the monarchy, Richard begins to fear his childhood friend, the younger princess, maybe the next target in the bloody battle for power. Can Richard navigate the machinations of those who would see his one true friend dead and stop her from losing her head? Or will he be the next victim in this deadly game of politics and domination? If you like well-researched settings, twisted plots, and political machinations, then you’ll love Sam Burnell’s thrilling adventure. A short story Introduction to the Mercenary For Hire SeriesThis short prequel sets the stage for the full-length book – A Queen’s Spy.Enjoy either as a quick read on its own or as an introduction to the series—a gripping Historical Adventure set in 16th Century Tudor England. Buy A Queen’s Spy to wield the sword of destiny today! Read more
  • Children's

    Emerald the Mermaid: Cute Fairy Tale Bedtime Story for Kids

    Emerald was the most beautiful mermaid in all of Mermaidia. Because she was so beautiful and kind, the other mermaids were jealous and made fun of her. Emerald had no friends until one day when she met Flip-Flop the dolphin. That is when her life completely changed! Find out what happens next… Excellent for beginning and early readers Great for reading aloud with friends and family Illustrated story book great for a quick bedtime story This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Also available in paperback and audiobook formats! Scroll up and click ‘buy’ and spend some quality time with your child!