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    Dreams (Big Bands, Big Hearts Book 1)

    She’s a hot mess. Success lives in his back pocket. The stage calls to them, until a twisted fan tries to seal their fate…using nine words. Five days ago, I couldn’t stand Jett. He’s a world-renowned guitarist in a hit band, and I’m a washed-up sex symbol vocalist in a band that’s seen its glory. Five days ago, something changed. I was given an ultimatum that I’m not sure I can live up to. The world of rock and roll is a cruel place. It’s a world where I can only be sure of one thing, and that one thing is what is ruining me. Jett sees right through me. And as much as I hate him, he keeps coming around. Until he disappears back to the stage. But does he really leave me? I find Roxy in the back room, kicking my most prized amp. Sure, it’s held together with duct tape, but it plays better than anything else. She sneers and pokes at me, until she realizes that I have the one thing that she’s lost. I’d help her get it back if she’d lose the chip on her shoulder. Then I find out what’s eating her, and I see her in a different light. There’s more to Roxy than meets the eye. Her bandmates see it. That’s why they stick around. But will the world see it…and more important, will they see it before it’s too late? Rock star romanceHate to love romanceDrug and alcohol useMedium heatSmokingSwearingCliffhanger ending Read more
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    Dress Rehearsal (A Rock Star Romance Series Book 1)

    “An affecting love story of two strangers finding each other at exactly the right moment.” – Kirkus Reviews The tormented guitarist. The fearless security guard. The kiss that’s seen globally. The razor blade that threatens to end everything. Billy Nestor has everything he’s always wanted: a band, the best guitar skills, a creative edge like no other, a thick skin, and the chops to climb the charts. The one thing he’s missing is a supportive father. While his mom is his biggest fan, his father has chided him since the day he picked up an instrument, slating that the boy would never amount to anything unless he applied himself to something other than heavy metal. Michelle Parsons has seen the world through the eyes of the battlefield. She’s determined, tough as nails, and has enough brains and drive to get her anywhere she wants to go in the world. Until she gets fatally shot in combat and has to take a backseat job as a security guard for a nothing band, and what’s worse, she gets the job after her dad calls on a friend for a favor. Despite the disappointment, she quickly learns that protecting a band is almost as exhilarating as dodging landmines behind enemy lines. In the band’s third month of touring as an opening act, the city that they play in is riddled with an unexpected, potentially life-threatening situation. Michelle has to put her life on the line once again, only this time, without her hard hat and camouflage. After getting the band on the stage safely, a certain band member seeks her out once the applause quiets, and a fast friendship evolves. Billy finds himself seeking Michelle out, escaping the sheltered life inside the hotel room, until Michelle and Billy come to an impasse on a serious topic, one close to Billy’s heart. But little does Billy know that Michelle has also become close to his heart, and he doesn’t realize it until she climbs onto the shuttle bus to go back to the airport…out of his life forever. A heartbreaking, true-to-life story about the trials and tribulations of being a rock star, and falling in love unexpectedly. Billy and Michelle’s story will leave you laughing, crying, and rooting for the main characters as they take you through their journey of love, heartbreak, success and triumph. HEA (Happily Ever After)Rock star romanceMilitary romanceBest friends to lovers romanceDrug useAttempted rapeViolenceSelf-harmMedium heatCourse languageFirst book in a standalone seriesSneak peek into ‘Opening Night’ “This feel-good romance includes just the right amount of danger to propel the action but rewards the reader with all the perks of a solid storyline.” – Four Stars from Lisa McCombs, Readers’ Favorite reviewer “An emotional ride full of alarming twists. A wonderful read.” – Five Stars from bmhercule, Bookbub reviewer “There are many twists and turns along the way and I couldn’t put this book down. Throw in the emotional situations and you have a book that is so addictive. What a great start to a series!” – Five Stars from Jean Rall, BookSprout reviewer “This book packed a powerful punch with the feelings. I would highly recommend reading this book. It was so wonderful!!! I also love the cover for this book!! Billy is so good looking!!” – Five Stars from Cheripka, BookSprout reviewer “ A carousel of emotions! This story will catch you and you will not be able to let it go! I love the characters, twists and turns! This seems to be a wonderful series!” – Five Stars from BookAddict, Goodreads reviewer
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    Proceed with Caution (Ford Brothers Book 1)

    ***ALL THE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER*** Is Colton Ford just another wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, or is he the real thing? Colton all but wears a sign that says ‘No Women Allowed’ after his failed marriage to Pam. Pam promised him the world but never delivered. It’s no wonder when he meets the beautiful and intelligent Julia, he doesn’t let his heart pave the way. Colton’s love of his horse ranch, his students, his brothers and his money keep him happy. He doesn’t need or want anything else. When Julia walks into his life, Colton decides it’s best to proceed with caution, and the feeling is mutual. John is sexy, successful and perfect fiancé material…when he’s not controlling, delusional and downright creepy. But how do you dump a guy your loyal and loving father fixes you up with, without breaking two hearts? When Julia goes MIA to her estranged sister’s place out of state, John goes ballistic. Especially when her sister works with dreamy-eyed Colton, and Julia finds herself spending a lot of time with them. But it’s difficult to keep someone safe when you don’t know they’re in danger. Gun-shy, self-protective, and hiding from the truth, Julia is in no position to open her heart to anyone. Particularly when she has to look over her shoulder for her stalker fiancé every step of the way. Fearful and scarred, Julia doesn’t know what to do when her hormones wake up just at the sight of Colton. It seems no matter what door she opens, both the wolf and the sheep are there. When Julia’s past finally catches up to her, John demands her to do the one thing she can’t do…or die. … Her loyalty and all-consuming love were the reasons why I chose her…until she made me a promise she didn’t keep. She was the one who waited for me while I was overseas. She was the one who loved me the way nobody else did. She’s also the one who broke my heart by not keeping her promise. I thought I was done with women for good…until Julia came along. Afghanistan changes a man in a way nothing else can, and the women flock to me like magnets because of it…but I don’t want any of them. The way they look at me, I’d like to tear their eyes out. Julia doesn’t look at me like I’m a piece of meat. She also doesn’t see dollar signs when she finds out I’m a Ford boy. Problem is, Julia doesn’t want anyone any more than I do. She’s running from something, but she won’t tell me what or whom….and then I find out the hard way. …. Sure, running away is the cowardly thing to do. But if you were in my shoes, you might have done the same. Colton is the type of guy to steer clear of, at least that’s what my sister Liz says. He’s got this smouldering look that makes me lock eyes with him. But then we both look away. And it’s all good, because another man is the last thing I need…especially another man with major issues. When Colton finds out what I’m running from, he teaches me a thing or two about men, and not in a way I would expect. He’s full of surprises…especially that one kiss that leaves me breathless. It’s the last thing either of us wants…and the first thing we both need. He promised it would never happen again, but evidently his body and his heart are at a crossroads. I’m suffering from the same affliction. A sizzling, suspenseful, yet heart-warming erotic romance, the first in the standalone Ford Brothers Series. All the books can be enjoyed alone or in order. Fasten your seat belts, the Ford brothers are here! Pick up your copy today!