Unicorn’s Freedom: Unicorn Shifter Paranormal Why Choose Romance

    The last thing first year law student Ariella needs is a date. But Fate has plans for her dating life anyway…Ariella boards the Chicago elevated train where she finds herself transported to the magical land of Falusia — a place where squirrels talk and travel through time, unicorn shifters roam the forests, and the evil wizard Jakarn searches for his Queen. As it turns out, Ariella is a unicorn shifter, but not only that – she’s also a Queen! Which makes Jakarn very interested in her… Ariella must choose a mate soon or her entire unicorn blessing (a blessing is a group of unicorns) will die off as magic is drained from the land. It’s a good thing this unicorn Queen has a hot former professor named Shivari to teach her the ways of the world and of love. But she’s also got the eye of gentle giant / fearsome protector Lucas to keep her safe and warm. Not only that, but that evil wizard is actually kinda hot and very much in charge. How can Ariella choose a mate? Can she stop the unicorns from dying off? What the heck should she do if she finds herself falling hard for Shivari, Lucas, and even the wizard Jakarn? Sometimes being a unicorn queen is not all rainbows, running free in the forest, or chasing talking squirrels. Unicorn’s Freedom is a spicy why choose (Reverse Harem) romance from Sara Nebula! Sometimes you don’t have to choose…. Book 1 in the new Queen of the Horn series from Sara Nebula (The Sci Fi/Fantasy romance pen name of bestselling author Sara Hazel).