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    Poseidon’s Academy and the Deadly Disease: a Magic Boarding School Series

    Experience high school like never before in this thrilling middle-grade fantasy series. Join Hailey, a teenage demigod, as she battles sea-nymphs, monsters, and vengeful gods to save her school from danger and find a cure for a deadly disease. Get ready for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Children's

    Poseidon’s Academy: a Greek Mythology Fantasy Adventure Series

    Getting sucked into a whirlpool, sleeping in monster-infested woods, and battling psycho sea-nymphs was not how Hailey planned to spend her first year of high school. But when you’re the only Zeus in the world, life tends to get a bit complicated… The Great Battle saw the world changed forever when humans killed the gods and absorbed their powers. One power was coveted above all others: Zeus’s. Thirteen-year-old Hailey Woods is the first Zeus in over a century. Unlike everyone else, she hates her powers, because of an ancient prophecy that claims a Zeus will have to save the world someday. Hailey doesn’t want to save the world. She wants to be a normal teenager. Poseidon’s Academy, an underwater palace where her powers don’t work, was meant to give her that opportunity. But when she arrives, she discovers the sea-nymphs living there are plotting to resurrect the gods, and Hailey must find a way to stop them before they can enact the prophecy. So much for normal! *** Poseidon’s Academy is a middle grade Greek mythology fantasy series suitable for ages 9+.  Scroll up and click ‘buy now’ to join Hailey for high school in a magical palace where adventure, monsters, and vengeful gods await. ___________________________________________________________________________ Here’s what readers are saying about this middle grade adventure series: “Funny fast paced good light read. Recommended to my kids can’t wait to read the next one.” Heather, Goodreads ★★★★★ “Sarah A Vogler leads us through a mind-boggling maze of Greek mythology, Gods and some serious villains. I’m in awe of such an entrancing story and can not wait to dive under the waters and beneath the pages of Hailey’s continued adventure.” Kellie, Goodreads ★★★★★ “This story and the whole series is really good. I agree it is a great way to introduce kids to reading and encourage an early love of mythology and history. If any age enjoyed Harry Potter read this series you will enjoy it as well.” Vickie, Goodreads ★★★★★ “What an incredible book!! I was swept away in this wonderfully written book. With the impulsivity you would expect from high school freshmen, we watch friendships grow and individuals learn who they are. It was a very unique spin on mythology with plenty of adventure. I think fans of Rick Riordan will greatly enjoy this book but it also has a bit of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel to it as well.’ Amy, Goodreads ★★★★★ “A very fun read with lots of action and daring. I liked that a part of the message was facing one sphere no matter what.” Ciayrra, Goodreads ★★★★★