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    Secrets of the Past: Ocean Academy Year 1

    A social outcast with a chip on her shoulder. A rare magic buried in the past. When one discovers the other, she earns the right to attend the Ocean Academy. But will the gift that qualified her for admittance prove to be her undoing? Coral’s life on the ocean floor is a lonely one. Being a half-human half-octopus puts a target on her back—one that earns her almost daily persecution from the “high-born” Nymphs. However, after a bloody brawl with some underwater hooligans, Coral discovers she has access to a rare form of magic that her family had long since tried to bury. Her unwitting display of power in front of a professor from the coveted Ocean Academy earns her an invitation to attend the most prestigious prep school in the ocean. Desperate to change her social status, Coral dives into the opportunity of a lifetime only to discover that magic is hard to master, prejudices run deep, and the powerful prey on the weak. Unwilling to give up or succumb to the pressures of campus life, Coral is convinced the only way she can survive her first year at the Ocean Academy is to unlock the secrets of her past and discover who she was born to be. But can she uncover the truth before her future is ripped away from her? Secrets of the Past is the first book in the YA fantasy Ocean Academy series. If you love reading about magical mermaids, destructive divas, and the mysterious machinations of the rich and powerful, then you’ll love Sarah Elizabeth’s brand new Academy adventure. Buy Secrets of the Past and dive into this exciting new series today!