• Young Adult

    Journey of the Heart: a Camden Hills Romance

    Amber Clark has lived in Camden Hills her whole life. She’s a small town girl with big city dreams. Amber has always been laser-focused on leaving her sleepy hometown behind, at least she was, before Ryan Davis bumps into her…literally! Will Amber be knocked off course by the irresistible Ryan? Or will she trade her life long dream for a new one?Camden Hills, Nebraska is a small picturesque town surrounded by farmland and graced with the most enchanting sunsets. Summer brings the intoxicating scent of fresh cut hay carried on the breeze, and fields filled with large round bales that turn from green to golden under the sun’s rays. The town itself is the epitome of the American Heartland, it is perfectly imperfect. A slower pace. A kinder place. Camden Hills retains its small town intimacy, everyone knows everything about everyone.