• Paranormal

    Pursued by the Wolf: a Fated Mates Billionaire Werewolf Romance

    In “Pursued by the Wolf,” a billionaire wolf shifter must prove himself to his fated mate, Chloe, after a fleeting encounter leaves her pregnant with his pup. This short and steamy romance promises a safe story with a guaranteed happy ending, sure to set your panties on fire. Get your copy today for a wild ride!
  • Paranormal

    Stranded With the Wolf: a Fated Mates Werewolf Romance

    Me and my wolf, we don’t need trouble. And this feisty little control freak is trouble with a capital T.When my brother was killed and I lost my place as alpha, I left my home and my pack. As the lone wolf in the Gold Creek pack’s territory, I can’t afford to make waves. Me and my wolf, we have one rule: Don’t get involved. It’s worked for us so far. That is until the beautiful little hotshot from Silicon Valley walks into the diner and my wolf catches her scent. He thinks that she belongs to us, but we can’t belong to anybody — especially not this feisty little control freak that makes me want to throw her over my shoulder and take her to bed immediately. But when she’s stranded in a mountain snowstorm, I can’t stop myself from helping her. My every instinct is to protect her. To mark her. To mate her. To make her mine in every way. My wolf’s decided that she’s our fated mate, and my wolf is never wrong. Warning: Stranded With the Wolf is a short and steamy fated-mates romance with possessive alpha werewolf vibes. Sparks may trigger a forest fire in your panties. Click to grab your copy today! Each book in the Gold Creek Wolves series is a complete story that can be enjoyed as a standalone, but the suggested reading order is as follows: Stranded With the Wolf Claimed by the Wolf Pursued by the Wolf Wrangled by the Wolf Guarded by the Wolf Read more