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    The Solomon Key: A Novel of Ancient Conspiracy

    SOCIETY IS BEING REWRITTENHE HOLDS THE KEY TO A DIABOLICAL PLOTWILL ANYONE SURVIVE WHAT HE’S UNEARTHED? North American Union, the near future. Matthew Scott isn’t proud of the world he helped create. Having abandoned his wife to ensure her safety, the ex-CIA operative has found a sliver of peace by escaping the rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape and living off-grid. So somebody’s definitely in his crosshairs when his last remaining friend receives a mysterious ring in the mail and is then tortured…and killed. Forced to jump into the game once more, Scott delves deep into a twisted realm of Templars, rebels, and terrifying globalist schemes. And with the one thing he’s ever cared about suddenly back in play, the professional killer has everything to gain…and nothing to lose. Can he crack the mystery of the ancient relic before the world falls victim to unrelenting evil? The Solomon Key is an edge-of-your-seat action thriller novel. If you like bold military heroics, diabolical twists and turns, and stunning historical intrigue, then you’ll love Shawn Hopkins’s invigorating enigma. Note: This edition of The Solomon Key was published in 2021 and was rewritten to include original content that was formerly cut during the first editing process as well as some new material. The author hopes this will prove to be the definitive version! Read more