• Paranormal

    Knight’s Seduction: A Knights of Hell Prequel Novella

    As an immortal demon hunter, fighting and killing is all Kryos has ever known. Trained by angels to control Hells escapees, he was promised a reward for his sacrifice—something with the power to calm his inner demon and make him feel whole after an eternity of emptiness. He never dreamed his prize would be her. Waitress Meredith Malone has never fitted in, she’s lived her life feeling so deeply alone that she’s given up on dreaming, of wanting. Instead, she does what’s expected of her, hoping that one day she’ll be just like everyone else—even if that means marrying someone she doesn’t love. Until a man who looks like an angel, but has bad boy written all over him walks into her world and offers to change it forever… Knight’s Seduction is a Knights of Hell prequel novella! Read more
  • Romance

    Beg For You: A Small Town Romance (Rocktown Ink Book 1)

    Ten years. Ten endless years I’ve waited to destroy the man who tore my family apart. But I never thought I ‘d get the chance…until his daughter walked into my tattoo parlour, looked me in the eye—and had no damned clue who I was. I never planned on falling for Cassandra Deighton. She’s silk scarves and manicures. I’m scars and rage. Yet I can’t resist when she begs for more, my ice queen who burns with enough heat to sear the soul. I need to end this. Before she finds out who I am. Before she gets hurt. But I’m not the only one with secrets. We both have our scars, and if the truth comes out, we could lose everything…
  • Paranormal

    Knight’s Redemption (Knights of Hell Book 1)

    With one fatal mistake, immortal demon hunter Lazarus started a chain reaction that set him and his five brothers on a collision course straight to Hell.  There’s only one way to save them all—claim his mate, a sweet beauty he doesn’t deserve and will only end up hurting. But immortals fall hard, and walking away from her when it’s over is going to be near-impossible.  When bookstore owner Eve Taylor starts hearing the thoughts of others, she is certain she’s losing her mind. Until the day a wickedly seductive and dangerous warrior appears and introduces her to a terrifying new world—one she has been part of her whole life and never knew.  Now, with a traitor consumed by darkness and driven by revenge hunting them, they have one chance at survival. But they must give into the scorching desire that, if they let it, could destroy them both.