• Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Madams of Mischief: a Laugh-out-loud Cozy

    D.J. Marty Sheffield just wants to live her quiet life in her quiet town while recovering from being left at the altar by up-and-coming country music star, Ricky Ray Riley. Destiny, and her sisters, Lady Luck and Fate, those Madams of Mischief, have other ideas, though. While babysitting her sister’s kids, Marty finds the body of a former classmate wedged in a ninety-gallon trash container at a local park. With the help of her sister, Charli, and her best friend and police officer, Tim Unser, Marty sets out to solve the mystery and save her own hide. Her mom, the beautiful Maggie Sheffield, and Marty’s budding romance with a hot mechanic threaten to derail the search. Much mayhem ensues, including a run in with a dotty old lady, a riot at an on-location broadcast, and a fire that nearly costs Marty her life.