• Romance

    Stolen Risk (Aegis Group Task Force Book 1)

    Jamie Silva helps lead a specialized team that works to tackle the difficult jobs. The ones the government can’t be party to. When his team is recruited to join an off-the-books task force he knows the stakes are higher than ever before. He just didn’t think the job would include seducing the CEO of a major tech company, or that he’d want her up against a wall, in bed or anywhere else.Tabby Grissler is tired of waiting for Mr. Right, at least until tall, dark and handsome sits next to her at a charity event. He ticks all her boxes, except he’s lying to her. Confronted with the reality that her dream guy is a government spy merely marks the beginning. Someone has stolen her tech with the intent to create a global blackout and in order to stop them she’ll have to work with Jamie. But she doesn’t have to trust him.Thrown together, Tabby and Jamie must put aside their differences and ignore their chemistry if they’re going to get to the bottom of the international theft. But each clue leads them further down the rabbit hole and time is running out. Aegis Group Task Force First Risk (newsletter exclusive short story) Stolen Risk Forged Risk Technical Risk Necessary Risk Intercepted Risk Targeted Risk Hard Risk Burned Risk (April 2022) Final Risk (2022) Aegis Group Dangerous Attraction Dangerous in Training Dangerous Games Dangerous Assignment Dangerous Protector Dangerous Secrets Dangerous Betrayal Dangerous Heat Dangerous Exposure Dangerous Legacy More soon! Aegis Group Lepta Team: an Aegis Group spin-off Dangerously Taken Dangerously Involved Dangerously Deceived Dangerously Broken Dangerously Entwined Aegis Group Alpha Team: an Aegis Group spin-off Dangerous in Love Dangerous in Action Dangerous in Transit Dangerous in Motion Dangerous in Charge Read more
  • Romance

    Dangerous Attraction

    Ex-Navy SEAL Travis Ration is an expert hunter. Whether his prey is criminal or victim, he always gets his mark. He’s no hero, just a man doing his job. It’s all he has after a felony conviction after a bad judgment call. When the FBI call in a favor and ask him to look into a serial killer over the holiday break, he jumps at the opportunity to fill the long, cold days with something besides regret and bad movies. In Las Vegas, he’s on the hunt for a prolific serial killer no one wants to admit exists. The leads are dry and the evidence gone, until she walks into his life. Bliss Giles—curvy, sassy and everything he can’t have. What’s worse, Travis knows Bliss’ sister is the killer’s latest victim. She fits the profile. Time is running out and the fastest way to retrace the killer’s path is with Bliss at Travis’ side. In the seat of danger. He vows to keep Bliss safe and his hands to himself, after all, a nice girl like her doesn’t need a guy like him in her life. Too bad no one told Bliss Travis was off-limits. She tests his boundaries and pushes his control every minute they’re together until he can’t remember why wanting her is a bad idea. The hunters become the hunted in this tale of serial killers and SEALs for hire. One broken man must unpack his baggage, a woman makes a leap of faith and a sister chooses to live in this new, romantic suspense serial by NYT & USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Bristol. Warning: Hold onto your panties, because nothing is safe. Aegis GroupDangerous AttractionDangerous in TrainingDangerous GamesDangerous AssignmentDangerous ProtectorDangerous SecretsDangerous BetrayalMore soon! Aegis Group Alpha Team: an Aegis Group spin-offDangerous in LoveDangerous in ActionDangerous in TransitDangerous in MotionDangerous in Charge Aegis Group Lepta Team: an Aegis Group spin-offDangerously TakenDangerously Involved (2018)Dangerously Deceived (2018)Dangerously Broken (2019)Dangerously Entwined (2019) Ransom Texas SWAT; an Aegis Group spin offFighting RedemptionStolen Redemption (2018)Reckless Redemption (coming soon)Hot Redemption (coming soon)Rebel Redemption (coming soon)Filthy Redemption (coming soon) Gone Geek; an Aegis Group spin offBeauty and the GeekMr. Purr-fect and the GeekThe Jock and the GeekThe Gamer and the GeekThe Adorkable Girl and the GeekThe Fake Boyfriend and the Geek Twisted Royals: an Aegis Group spin-offTwisted Royals Origin StoryAlpha PrinceHer PrinceBad Boy PrinceNoble Prince Author Note: Dangerous Attraction was previously a three part serial. It was bundled to offer a bargain to readers. The individual installments have been discontinued and it is now just Dangerous Attraction.