Rising Princess: a Faerie Princess Spy Academy Novella

    When Her Brother Died, She Became Heir Apparent to the Throne… Eighteen-year-old Darby Fitzgerald has enough to worry about as princess of the leprechauns, one of the ten clans of the Alliance of Faeries. But as she attends orientation at her private school for royals and nobles, she never expects to find that her throne is at risk—and that the man who wants to take it is the last person she expects… With her family’s hold over the leprechauns slipping, she doesn’t know who to trust among her ladies-in-waiting, her guards, and her staff. As she navigates her relationships on shaky new ground, she grows closer to Griffin, her handsome, loyal bodyguard who is always there for her, while clashing with Flynn, the dark angel of a man who’s entered her life unexpectedly. Meanwhile, her rivals are causing major trouble for her as she tries to take her assessments and protect her household—and she doesn’t know how to stop them from striking again. Now, she has to navigate the politics of Alanza to solve a crime and win one of three places in the most challenging program of her life. If she can’t win a place, her family may lose power. For good. Can she solve the clues in time? Read more