• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    A Mackenzie Witch Collection 2: Jingle Purrs, Potion Heist and The Power of Two and a Half (A Mackenzie Coven Mystery Book Book 8)

    Paranormal mysteries with humor and magic, a witch in training, her chatty feline companion and their new companion, Rebel. Jingle PurrsIt’s Lexie and Luna’s first Christmas together and they are investigating the case of a missing cat. It’s days before Christmas, the first one Lexie and Luna will spend together, and Lexie has a missing cat to find and a feline companion to appease. Luna has expectations and dreams of a magical Christmas, and that means shopping for presents… not exactly Lexie’s favorite pastime. Without any solid leads to pursue, she unwittingly enlists the help of the elements she has recently connected with, but the breeze assisting her has some strange ideas of how she should go about investigating the case of the missing cat as it leads her to another crime scene and the most unlikely of all the O’Rourke detectives she’s ever met… Potion HeistLexie and her feline companion, Luna, are in a rut. They’ve been housebound for days and desperately need to get out of the apartment. When they venture out, they discover love is in the air. However, something doesn’t look right. There’s a breakout of infidelity and people are falling for the wrong types with disastrous consequences… The Power of Two and a HalfLexie and Luna have returned from exile and now share their apartment with Rebel, the fairy Lexie has been gifted with. They all have some adjusting to do but it can all wait until they show their new companion, Rebel, the sights… right after Lexie gets her first cup of coffee for the day. No one is in any hurry to get anything done, not after their recent adventure in exile. However, their best-laid plans go awry when they encounter not one, not two… not even three, but rather, all the O’Rourke detectives. One hundred of them.