• Young Adult

    Leaked: Dark Secrets: Book 0

    Experience the thrilling story of a vengeful student who sets out to expose a popular jock’s darkest secrets after he relentlessly bullies her… This is set two years before Heather Chang’s bitter feud with the cruel hacker who leaked her nude photos all over social media. In this story she was just starting out as a freshman at Gillwood High. Despite the earlier time period, Heather still finds herself threatened and the subject of vicious racial attacks. After she’s bullied by a popular jock on the first week of school, a vengeful Heather sets out to expose his darkest secrets to exact revenge on him. She will stop at nothing to get payback on him…even if it means putting her own life on the line. This is a prequel book set before the events of the YA Psychological Mystery-Thriller series LEAKED. This is only the beginning of Heather’s story. She’s fighting back for victims of bullying, violence and abuse in its many forms. Soon enough…she’ll be solving gruesome murders and seeking justice for the innocent who died at the hands of monsters and psychopaths. Read the series to see what happens next… Read more