Wicked Riches: a Dark Captive Romance

    A FREE peek into the dark, depraved world of America’s most powerful and privileged people. Find out what price the elite will pay to keep their sinful secrets buried… I own this town, and I’ll own her too. I’m heir to one of the world’s vastest fortunes, and I always get what I want, no matter the cost. Alexis Livingston won’t be an exception to that rule. She’s my latest obsession—young, beautiful, charming… and a liar. She thinks her wicked secrets are perfectly hidden, but she can’t fool me. I know who she really is, and I know why she’s back in town. She should have stayed away. She should have known better than to cross me. But she didn’t. Now I’m coming for her. I’m going to steal her away from everything she knows, and then I’m going to make her pay for her sins. Watch out, Alexis. You’re about to become my latest possession… Wicked Riches is the free prequel to the Cruel Kingdom trilogy.