• Children's

    The Wind Mage of Maijev

    A wind mage in a city that hates magic… Livena is a young woman living in Maijev’s southern quarters, staying ahead in life by working odd jobs. When her brother entrusts her with selling a pile of books in the undercity, it seems like another normal day. Until she senses a dangerous storm brewing. Most would hunker down until the storm passes. But Livena’s deplorable wind magic lacks control, and weathering out a storm inside only invites trouble. The storm won’t stay outside where it belongs. If Livena can’t make it home before the storm, and her magic gets exposed, it’s only a matter of time before a deadly mage hunter unravels her secret. Brave the storm… read "The Wind Mage of Maijev" today! ~ Each of these Legends of Cirena stories can be read stand-alone: ~ * The Wind Mage of Maijev (Livena)* The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear (Nuaka)* The Restless Sands of Neel (Ro’nor)* The Cursed Halls of Kalecen (Hahven)* The Scars of Her Past (Alia)* The Dragons of the Mist (Zynia) ~ Crossovers (It will help to have read the previous stories involving the featured characters): ~ * The Wind Mage and the Wolf – Features Livena (The Wind Mage of Maijev) and Nuaka (The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear)* (Title to be Determined) – Features Hahven (The Cursed Halls of Kalecen) and Alia (The Scars of Her Past)
  • Young Adult

    Whispers in the Code (Glitch Book 1)

    Too bad reprogramming a haunted airship doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Blinded by love, Tim helps his girlfriend steal a valuable artifact from the rebellion—an artifact used by its rightful owners to create a monstrous, living airship that will end the war and restore world order. Thanks to his ability to mentally control computers, his new allies bring him into their highest ranks… With a catch. They need his powers to complete what they started. The airship should have been devastating—a marvel of technology enhanced with super-human powers from the memory-wiped people they hooked into the vessel’s computer. Instead, it has glitches. Fragments of human memories wreak havoc in the airship’s internal code. Their tormented whispers invade Tim’s thoughts. His superiors need him to figure out why. To impress them, and thus secure his place at his girlfriend’s side, Tim needs to remove those "ghosts…" Before one of the airship’s glitches traps his mind as just another whisper in the code. Descend into the madness… read Whispers in the Code today! Authors’ note: To jump right into the action, start with Whispers in the Code. For a transition into this strange and gripping world, uncover its deadly secrets by starting with the primary series, Distant Horizon, or the series prequel, Deceived.