• Romance

    Deadly Pursuit: Special Early Edition: Part 1 (The Keeper’s Series)

    ** THIS IS A SPECIAL EARLY RELEASE EDITION: PART 1. THOUGH IT IS A COMPLETE STORY, IT’S NOT THE WHOLE STORY… THE ENTIRE NOVEL WILL BE AVAILABLY MAY 31,2021, UNTIL THEN ENJOY GETTING TO KNOW MERCY AND SARAH WHILE YOU WAIT ** Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… Brother’s Keeper bodyguard, Mercy Wyatt is laying low on Wyatt Ranch in Stoneridge Montana waiting for his next assignment. When he chases down a mysterious cloud of smoke on his property, he finds a car engulfed in flames, a beautiful woman watching it burn and a little girl clinging to her side. He can’t leave the two of them alone, and when he offers the mother and daughter a safe place to stay, the fear in Sarah’s eyes is a dead giveaway that something isn’t as it seems, and his instincts warn him that there’s more to their story. In order for Mercy to protect them from whatever they’re running from, he needs to earn their trust. But the more time he spends with Sarah and daughter, the harder it’ll be to let them go. One by one the pieces click into place, and soon Mercy finds himself racing against time to figure out who the raven-haired beauty really is… and what she’s hiding.