• Religion & Spirituality

    Kindled Love: Men of the Heart – Book One

    Southern Wyoming 1871 William has wandered the west since the Civil War ended; spending the last several years running from the call that God has on his life as he nurses a bitter grudge against his father. Anna lost her husband in a tragic fire that left her scarred for life. She struggles to keep her ranch afloat with the help of her young son; she prefers solitude instead of facing the pity of others. When William tragically loses his horse, he offers to help around the ranch for room and board in the barn, but she quickly realizes that he is fixing much more than the ranch. Can the music that she plays draw them together, or will they allow their bitter pasts destroy any hope they have for a future? Enjoy the first book in the Men of the Heart series, a Christian Romance by Steve C. Roberts
  • Horror

    Hunted: On the Run (New Age of Hunters Book 1)

    Sometime you have to find out you’re average…Before you can be exceptional.Riding his bike home from the library, Sean Sharpe finds out that the world isn’t quite as average as he’d originally thought. After narrowly surviving an attack by a mysterious assailant, he is approached by another stranger–one who claims to be a Hunter. He tells Sean that his attacker was one of the Nephilim; half human spawn of fallen angels who have taken the form of creatures of the night.Even worse, the Hunters believe that the Nephilim will want revenge for killing one of their own.Sean is faced with a bitter reality; the world may not be average, but he is. There is nothing special about him. If he is going to survive, he will have to learn to be more than average.But will it be enough?