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    Discover Your Gift: 12 Signs Your Gift is Calling

    EVER WONDER IF YOUR WERE BLESSED WITH A GIFT? Without a doubt everyone has a creative talent waiting to be found, embraced, grown, and shared with the world. However, we can often overlook our gift because we think of a gift as an extraordinary ability that presents itself as an epiphany of instant mastery. Nothing could be farther from the truth. For most of us, our gifts call us over time to grow them into a skill that others recognize as a talent.Discover Your Gift is your guide to finding your authentic call and purpose in life. WHAT IF YOUR GIFT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR NATURAL ABILITY? From the author:“ When we discover our authentic call toward a natural interest and then allow ourselves the time, energy, and attention to engage our inner curiosity, we can use it, grow it, and share it in the outside world. That seed of curiosity and desire to learn and explore an interest, no matter our level of ability, is our inner creativity calling us to cultivate our gift and grow it into a unique talent.”Learn the twelve signs that help you identify the seed that is your authentic gift calling to be discovered, embraced, used, grown, and shared with others to add value to the world.With Discover Your Gift you’ll learn:– Why your gift is not about an extraordinary natural ability.– How to properly identify your gift among competing interests– How to use your gift to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life DISCOVER YOUR GIFT AND THE AUTHENTIC CALL YOU’VE BEEN SEEKING Pick up your copy of Discover Your Gift: 12 Signs Your Gift is Calling and uncover your authentic purpose you are being called to embrace and grow! Steve Sample is a successful songwriter and author who believes that everything we want in life can be found by being ourselves, doing what we love, and sharing what we do. Discover Your Gift chronicles one of the many lessons learned from a lifetime of chasing success while seeking significance. Read more