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    40 Days: Life, Love, Loss and a Historic Run Around One of the World’s Largest Lakes

    Praise For 40 Days: "A fantastic adventure the whole way." – B. D. M."Ruined my day. Couldn’t put it down. I love a story of someone setting an unimaginable goal and then following along with them on the struggles along the way." – A.B."Such an inspiring story and accomplishment. A+" – W.G. A Marathon A Day…Everyday The first crazy idea was to run across Iowa. He did it in 11 Days. Now what? Lake Michigan called. Nobody had ever run around her beautiful shores. Steve wanted to be the first. 40 Days is a brutally honest and inspiring story about Steve’s historic 40 day, 1037 mile run around Lake Michigan. You’ll get drawn into his daily account of the challenges both, mental and physical, that did their best to stop him from completing his historic lap. An amazing story of what can happen when you push yourself farther than you ever thought was possible. If you love adventure then this story will be for you because everyone loves seeing someone test their limits. Pick up your copy now to begin the adventure.